The best football statistics, betting tips and strategies

Football Statistics

Detailed data, statistics and results play a major role in in-depth analysis in the field of sports betting and have become indispensable. Daily factors such as the form of a team or unavailable players are undoubtedly also very important, but a look at the statistics should not be missing in a betting tip and certainly not in a concrete betting strategy.

On GoalFacts you will find detailed data and statistics on selected competitions, which will make the search for the right bet on a match much easier. In addition to the Bundesliga, you will also find everything you are looking for on other major European competitions. Exotic leagues such as the Primera Division, the Süper Lig, the Pro League or the J1 League are just as well represented as the big international club competitions UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. Cup competitions such as the DFB Pokal, the Coppa Italia, the Coupe de France or the EFL Cup are not neglected on GoalFacts. In Germany, we even devote ourselves to the amateur sector, as leagues such as the Regionalliga Nord or the Regionalliga West are also very suitable for some bets.

The range of bets is broad. Are you a fan of betting on goals? Here on the statistics page of GoalFacts, you can see numerous percentages that tell you, for example, whether a team particularly likes to score in the first or second half. Differences between home and away are also taken into account, of course. In addition to these football tables, you can also find live results for the latest matches at any time.

The direct comparison between two teams can also play a major role. Some teams, for example, simply don’t get on so well with some opponents traditionally because of the way they play, which is why the H2H comparison should not be forgotten as a gauge of a match. For example, FC Bayern München and RB Leipzig have drawn four of their last six meetings. In the duels between Borussia Dortmund and SV Werder Bremen, on the other hand, both sides almost always score (most recently in 16 of 17 encounters). This is something that should always be taken into account before placing a bet on the next direct encounter.

We are working daily on expanding our offer to be able to provide you with the most important football statistics.

Betting Tips

The betting tips are the heart of our offer, because here the available data and statistics are analysed in detail in order to be able to make predictions on a match.

It is particularly difficult for beginners to gain a foothold in the world of sports betting. The offer is extremely large and it takes a while to get an overview of handicap, win, over/under, half-time and many other bets. But as in other areas of life, the same applies here: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Once you have placed a few bets and understood the principle behind the various options, you will quickly find your way through the jungle of betting markets.

Our betting tips are intended to help you find the right tips for a particular game. As already mentioned, our database contains detailed statistics that enable our automated system to get an exact overview of all important factors. In addition, the current form of both teams as well as the personnel situation are taken into account in order not to be surprised by factors that are updated on a daily basis.

What types of betting tips are there?

The market for football betting has grown steadily in recent years and most bookmakers now offer a wide range of betting options in addition to a lucrative sports betting bonus. The selection varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, but there are a few common betting markets that are available almost everywhere. One of these is the classic win bet, where you decide in advance of a match either on a specific winner or on a draw. It is probably the most popular and most frequently used betting market.

Betting on the number of goals in a match has also gained in popularity in the recent past. With “Over 2.5 goals”, for example, you only have to hope for three goals in the match, no matter who leaves the field as the winner in the end. For the clubs with the most goals in the league, such a bet is usually recommended. However, some teams are very unsuitable for this. Atletico Madrid, for example, is one of the teams with the fewest goals conceded, so this bet will rarely pay off here. Bets on exact goal scorers pay off with offensively strong teams like FC Bayern, which have a top striker like Robert Lewandowski in their ranks.

How do betting tips come about?

Anyone can read data from a table and the evaluation of the last five games of a team can be done quite quickly. The difficulty, however, is to put all the information and data into the right context and to assess the relevance of the individual pieces of information. Our AI-supported system, which develops our numerous betting tips, specialises in precisely this. Even if a team has won all of its last five matches, this does not automatically mean that this team is also expected to win the upcoming match. In a derby like Hertha BSC against Union Berlin, for example, the rivalry still comes into play. Only when all the important factors have been carefully weighed up can a promising betting tip be made.


Earning money in the long run with sports betting – this is probably the dream of almost every amateur bettor who regularly tries to make a big profit with his betting slips. However, in professional football in particular, we experience fist-pumping surprises time and again that make it almost impossible to rely on expert knowledge and statistics when it comes to sports betting week after week.

In the long run, therefore, the only way to make a profit with sports betting is to pursue a profitable betting strategy that has already proven successful in the past. Because a strategy that cannot be proven with already existing data does not offer the user any security and does not make a trustworthy impression. On GoalFacts we only present strategies that we ourselves are convinced of and that we have tested ourselves beforehand.

What distinguishes a betting strategy?

A successful strategy is characterised by several factors. On the one hand, it must be repeatable, because what is the point of an apparently successful strategy if I cannot apply it myself in the future? Furthermore, the user must always be aware of the risks and profit opportunities a strategy entails. If you bet on a Bayern Munich win every week, you will be successful in most cases, but will not make a profit in the long run because of the low odds. How likely is it that I will make losses or profits in a given period? What budget increase can I expect over what period of time? Which stake is best for my budget? These are all questions that need to be answered about a betting strategy.

How do I know that your strategies really work?

When we decide to share a strategy we have developed with you, you can be sure that we can prove it statistically. We will answer any questions that arise in the accompanying article. So you can read about our strategies in detail and see for yourself before you apply anything yourself.